Provincial Historic Site
A New Beginning
With an historically and culturally significant past, the Point Amour Lighthouse was designated a Federal Heritage Building in 1983, and began its future as a preserver of local heritage. In 1994, the Governments of Canada and Newfoundland / Labrador restored the light-keeper's residence to its original configuration, whereby the authentic building materials were carefully recorded, photographed and protected. It then began operation as a maritime history interpretation centre. In 1996, after 138 years of continuous operation, and as the last light-keeper retired, the light at Point Amour was converted to an automatic system. Although the residence no longer houses a light-keeper and his family, the Point Amour Light-station continues to be the hub of activity in a different respect.
Each summer, thousands of visitors come to the Point Amour Lighthouse in recognition of the role it has played in maritime history. An incredible structure, in terms of both physical appearance and historical value, the light-station is now filled with extensive exhibits that highlight these very attributes. The restored rooms of the former keeper's residence allow for further insight into the day-to-day life as a lighthouse operator. The modern Visitor Service Centre, which is wheelchair accessible, has a gift-shop that offers an excellent selection of Labrador and site-related crafts for all to avail of.

In the past, the Point Amour Lighthouse was an important part of social, cultural, and economic life in the Labrador Straits. With the inevitable changes that occur with the passage of time, the present allows for a "new beginning" through interpretive development. As such, the lighthouse will continue to make a significant contribution to the region in a somewhat different, yet important capacity.
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