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The Point Amour Lighthouse stands tall amid limestone cliffs near the small, historically significant community of L'Anse Amour, on the south coast of Labrador.

Towering at 33 meters, it is the tallest in Atlantic Canada and second highest in the country. A panoramic view of the surrounding land and sea, and a glimpse of its historical attributes can be witnessed during the 132 step adventure to the top.
Dating to the 1850s, the Point Amour Light-station has figured prominently in the lives of the people of Southern Labrador for nearly one and a half centuries. The lighthouse has been partially restored to the period of its original construction and is designated a Provincial Historic Site.

An extensive series of exhibits that portray the rich maritime history of the Labrador Straits are housed in this historic structure. Today, the lighthouse stands as a tribute to the eventful past in which it played a significant role. Point Amour is also a symbol of our maritime heritage, and a history that has always been linked with the sea.
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