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Residence and Laboratory (larger version)
Max's House
The lightkeeper's house has been renovated and furnished with new furniture and appliances. The kitchen is well equipped with dishes, pots and pans, everything needed to cook and serve meals.

The living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a full bathroom are located on the main floor. Staying in Max's House is a unique way to experience Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site.
Bookings are accepted by Tour Labrador.
Living Room. (larger version)
Flintknapping Workshop in the Laboratory. (larger version)
The building that was once the shed can be a workshop, a studio or a laboratory. It is an open space with a painted concrete floor. A counter and shelves runs the length of the building for lots of workspace and there is running water and electricity. There is also access to the loft which is suitable for an office space and storage. The picture is of a flintknapping workshop held in the lab. Participants are learning the ancient skill using the bottoms of beer bottles to make an arrowhead.
Multi-Purpose Building (larger version)
Multi-Purpose Building
The multi-purpose centre is in the old generator building on site, and is one of the buildings which has been recently renovated tor public use. The building is available as a research centre and workspace for study groups, or for local seminars and arts activities.
Art classes in the multi-purpose building. (larger version)
The multi-purpose centre is an ideal facility for arts activities as it has a large open space with one wall of windows overlooking the Strait of Belle Isle, and three walls for exhibits. It has 1000 square feet of open conference and gallery space. Tables and chairs are provided.
The herbarium from the Labrador Straits Botanical Initiative is housed in facilities at Point Amour and can be accessed by contacting us at LSHDC@labradorstraits.net.
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